Spring is in full swing here in Northern California. Mid 70s and sunshine with a few cloudy, windy days thrown in for good measure. I love it, hardcore. So many people seem to have allergies now and I’m super thankful not to have much more than pressurized ears in the morning sometimes. People smack-talk Spring because of the pollen and itchy eyes, but I’m over here enjoying the outdoors before the real heat comes and I feel like lizard jerky the second I step outside.

With all of the clear skies and warm weather, that brings less sickness and germs going around (germaphobe here) and also dry ground (dirty wheels + carpet = suck), so we’ve been heading to the park a lot more often! Lemme tell you, going to the park with two little kids while in a wheelchair is not the most awesome thing ever. My chair sucks on tanbark and sand, so I pretty much have to stay on the sidelines and hope the boys don’t die falling off the tall-ass rock walls and such. (Please don’t fall off, my babies!)

While we’re still trying to figure out what to do with my robot leg, the boys and I have been visiting the “Granny Park” pretty frequently. The boys deemed it the Granny Park because it’s right down the street from Mom’s house, Granny. The G.P. is designed for people of all abilities. That’s right! A wheelchair friendly park. No tanbark or sandpits to spin these wheels in, baby. BOOM! The actual play structure is partially wheelchair accessible, too. It’s SUPER cool to be able to go up there and chase the boys around. So thankful!

I was able to go up on the structure and snap this picture of my big runt trying to steal the last bite of my little runt’s cake pop. Teddy even let him eat it. That’s true love right there.

Spring is here, folks, and I’m in love!