Little Quick Ones (#1)


I am all about quick and easy when it comes to doing things with my boys. Like, quiiiiccckk, please. Mommy is busy. But then the #MomGuilt kicks in and I tell myself that they’re only little once, so I better get on that. Plus they’re cute, so that helps.

Roman had asked me how colors were made, and while I didn’t get into the whole light and wavelength and spectral colors bit, I decided to whip out the good ol’ Play-Doh and do a little color mixing with him.

We talked about Primary colors and how mixing two of those Primary colors will make a Secondary color. And then we talked about how mixing all three Primary colors will give you chocolatey brown every time. He dug that, since chocolate is life around here.

color mixing

What you’ll need:

1 tub yellow Play-Doh
1 tub blue Play-Doh
1 tub red Play-doh
Sheet of paper and a pen
1 eager little kiddo

What to do:

  1. Create your mixing sheet, using the picture above as a guide.
  2. Make 7 marble sized balls with the red Doh.
  3. Make 7 marble sized balls with the blue Doh.
  4. Make 7 marble sized balls with the yellow Doh.
  5. Go over the three Primary colors with your kiddo(s), adding the dough ball for each color as you introduce it.
  6. Have your little one get the dough ball for each of the boxes for you and place on the square as you go along.
  7. Have your L.O. mix the colors for each of the Secondary color boxes and ask them what color was created!
  8. Fill in the color name as you child names it.
  9. Do the same for each of the Secondary colors, as well as the brown at the end.
  10. High-five yourself. Quick art lesson FTW & then let you kiddo free-play with the Play-Doh while you enjoy a drink.




Super cool, right?

I hope you enjoyed
the first Little Quick One!
Keep up the good work, Mommas.
You’re doing a great job!