A Leg to Walk On



Getting fitted in San Francisco

Sooooooo… if you’re new to this blog, I have one leg.


I had cancer at age 11 in my bone and the doctors removed my leg to save my life. From ages 11 – 21, I wore a prosthetic leg and walked everywhere. I tried with every fiber in my body to hide this truth of mine, and it wasn’t until a month after my 21st birthday that I was re-diagnosed with the same cancer and wearing a leg became a thing of the past.

Now I’m 31 and a half years old.

I’ve been on and off wearing different legs made by different people over the past ten years. Every once in a while, the stars will align and I will have a leg that fits me well for a while, but over-all, they hurt. Like, wear-sores and pinching and pain on my inner-thigh kind of hurt, all up in that area. Forty-five minutes every morning to get my leg on “right” and comfortably. Trips to the leg doctors for adjustments and re-fitting every month. Pain. Swelling. Abrasions. Tears and lots of frustration. It’s not supposed to be like this, right?

For that past year, I’ve been trying to get into a leg  (more specifically, a LIM Infinite socket). My insurance refuses to cover the LIM limb, as it’s a new socket system and Kaiser doesn’t like new and innovative? I don’t know. (Someone has to be first, right?) We’ve had a really great experience working with the people who own and work for LIM, though. And Stephanie gets what she wants.

After seeing a prosthetists that I was not satisfied with, I  switched prosthetic companies. I wanted someone who was supportive of my desire for a LIM socket and also was really, really good.

Enter Lars. (He’s the dude up in the picture, top right.)

You know when you get a good vibe from someone? When they’ve got good energy and it feels right? That’s Lars. He likes… no, scratch that. He loves what he does. Lars is kind and friendly and doesn’t mind when I bring the boys into the office and they’re loud and little. He has been working with me to get what I want, to help me get into a LIM leg, to help me walk comfortably. I’m currently dealing with some tricky pain issues and we’re having to troubleshoot and tinker to find a solution that will work with me and my little leg.

I’m hoping that this will be my answer.


cant go


I’m hoping soon that I will, again, have two legs to walk on.
Send me some luck!

2 thoughts on “A Leg to Walk On

  1. Bonnie thieman says:

    Sending you many prayers and good wishes….I think you are going to walk again..I’m feeling very positive for you….keep us posted…love the photos of your family so sweet…hello to Dustin…love and hugs, cuz, bonnie😍

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