If you’re happy and you know it…


Current obsessions:

  • LuLaRoe leggings
  • Letter flashcards with Roman
  • Brewing loose-leaf tea
  • My essential oils (#addict)
  • Trying to figure out Snapchat (I’m too old for this shit!)
  • Watching Daisy of Love again on Hulu (so bad that its good)
  • Trying to find out which flooring we want to re-do the house with (So expensive! Gah)
  • Teddy’s giant “bongo belly” and how soft it is
  • Kissing Dustin on those liiiips
  • Finishing up the last little bits before I launch my DIY company
  • Trying to keep my protein intake in-range (I have Chronic Kidney Disease – score!)
  • When Teddy busts out in dance
  • Every time I pick Roman up from Preschool and he’s so happy to see me. Am I really that cool? Makes me feel super loved
  • Driving Dustin’s car… he got a Ford Edge and its fancy AF
  • My haircolor. #lagoon
  • A Disneyland trip with my girl. September, hurry the hell up
  • Thinking about all that I’m going to do once I get my robot leg
  • Farmer’s Market starts next weekend. PUMPED
  • Setting up my office. Decorating and shit. Whoop!
  • Rosemary crackers, applesauce cups and thick-ass steaks
  • Also crab. All the crab


What are you loving?  Shhaaarrreee.



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