One thing in Vegas



If you ever go to Las Vegas, please promise me that you’ll go see the Beatles LOVE Cirque show. I cheated and snuck this picture. I seriously thought I was going to get in trouble, but at this point in the show, the ushers were actually holding onto the fabric that you see in this picture. The whole bottom half of the audience is under there. It was pure magic. Also, note the wire-artist floating in the left hand corner. Looks creepy, but was so cool!

Seriously, though. If you are a Beatles fan at all, this show is worth the money. It will touch your soul. (Hippy AF, right?)

It will, though.


You must.

If you’re happy and you know it…


Current obsessions:

  • LuLaRoe leggings
  • Letter flashcards with Roman
  • Brewing loose-leaf tea
  • My essential oils (#addict)
  • Trying to figure out Snapchat (I’m too old for this shit!)
  • Watching Daisy of Love again on Hulu (so bad that its good)
  • Trying to find out which flooring we want to re-do the house with (So expensive! Gah)
  • Teddy’s giant “bongo belly” and how soft it is
  • Kissing Dustin on those liiiips
  • Finishing up the last little bits before I launch my DIY company
  • Trying to keep my protein intake in-range (I have Chronic Kidney Disease – score!)
  • When Teddy busts out in dance
  • Every time I pick Roman up from Preschool and he’s so happy to see me. Am I really that cool? Makes me feel super loved
  • Driving Dustin’s car… he got a Ford Edge and its fancy AF
  • My haircolor. #lagoon
  • A Disneyland trip with my girl. September, hurry the hell up
  • Thinking about all that I’m going to do once I get my robot leg
  • Farmer’s Market starts next weekend. PUMPED
  • Setting up my office. Decorating and shit. Whoop!
  • Rosemary crackers, applesauce cups and thick-ass steaks
  • Also crab. All the crab


What are you loving?  Shhaaarrreee.