Albuquerque… Not Alba-turkey.

I meant to post this two weeks ago we got back from our family trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit Dustin’s Dad’s family, BUT, we had to pack up and head to Lake Tahoe for a family reunion on my side last week, so I didn’t get this posted when I had planned. Yes, that is a total first-world problem and I am so, so thankful to have things like two awesome vacations in a row be considered a problem, even if I am only referring to my blogging schedule. 🙂

We celebrated Dustin’s and Grandpa Clark’s birthdays (same birthday, 49 years apart!) and got to see a bunch of the Clark gang that we hadn’t seen since our wedding (11 years ago). We flew out of Oakland and we were lucky enough to share the same flight with my MIL and FIL (hi guys!), so we had extra hands with the boys. Teddy refused to nap the whole flight there, so it was intense, but we managed. He also decided to veto his afternoon naps for the most part while we were out there, so that was intense, too. I tried to convince Roman that it was pronounce Alba-Turkey, but he was too smart for me! We had an awesome rental car and got way too many iced coffees. It was hot, but it was a nice dry heat, so my lung was a happy camper!  For the most part, we had an absolute blast and would love to go back again sometime. 


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Dinosaur bones.

Stink bugs, giant ants and beetles, oh my!

Roman fell in love with Great Grandma Clark and had an electric attraction to his kind-of cousin Kaden.

A remote stealing Teddy lookin’ all beat up.

Chick  Fil-A.

Starbucks mugs.

Free breakfasts and dinners out, and perfect, crunchy ice at the hotel.

A red dirt desert that was especially green, but never ending.

Shootin’ guns and sitting on the back of a big deisel truck.

Green peppers on everything.

Too much wine on the plane, but peppermint and White Angelica E.O.s to the rescue. (Thank God. *urrp*)




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Home on the range.

You have a piece of my heart, New Mexico.